Official Release #11

In celebration of 50 years of hip-hop, Ol' Idiot Bastard helps answer Frank's 40 year old question "Does Humour Belong In Music?" with ZappaRap, a new compilation of Eff-Z covers in what is known in the industry as a gardy riddim. Featuring Robert Martin, Ike Willis, Jeff Hollie, Craig 'Twister' Steward, Ben Watson, The Notorious A.G. and many more.

Here's what's what:

You Are What You Is – Ziggy Pop [video]

Performed by Diggy Pop, Jiggy Pop & Niggy Pop. Produced by Piggy Pop.

Ms. Pinky – The Squirrels

Performed by Rob Morgan (vocals, kazoo, slide whistle, misc. sound effects), Jimmy Thomas (guitars-a-plenty, vocals, bass), Joey Kline (guitar, vocals), Tom Morrison (RIP) (keyboards), Kevin Crosby (bass), Hollis The Bug (RIP) (drums, percussion, vocals) & Baby Cheevers (vocals).
Engineered / recorded by Jimmy Thomas. Additional ears & hands by Hollis The Bug. Mixed by Jimmy & Rob. Recorded at The Vulcan Philosophy Center in Seattle Washington in 2002. Mastered @ Seattle Disc Mastering by Mark Guenther (Master Masterer). Produced by Jimmy "J.T" Thomas and Rob "Capt." Morgan for "Now THAT'S Producin'" Productions.

Dumb All Over – Palina & Chato Project [Chato's behind-the-scenes video]

Performed by Palina (vocals, producer, mixing & mastering) & Chato Segerer (vocals, all instruments, executive producer).
Recorded at Palina's home studio in Nürnberg in 2023. Additional overdubs recorded at Chato's home studio in Fürth.

Titties & Beer – The Totally Amazing Graham Davis Band feat. Beelzeben Watson

Recorded in West Ealing on a Zoom 16 track thingy.

Nig Biz – Ninjas Without Attitude

Performed by Nice Cube, Eazy Peazy, MC Pen & DJ Yalla. Produced by Dr. Dry.

Teen-age Wind – Z.E.R.O. feat. Robert Martin [video]

Performed by Robert Martin (lead vocal), Jeff Hollie (saxophone), Ike Willis (voice over), Prairie Prince (bongos & cymbal), Craig Twister Steward (harmonica), Randy Hansen (backwards guitar), Niklas Lychou (guitar, background vox), Jimmy Thomas (guitar), Rob Mitchell (drums), Bill Ray (drums), Fred Händl (piano), Charles Carpp (background vox), Juliana Brandon (voice over), Mark Watson (voice over), Andrew Greenaway (voice over), Kevin Crosby (bass, synths, sequencing, background vox, voice over). Produced, arranged and engineered by Kevin Crosby (p) 2023.

Yo' Mama – 50 Pence feat. Lil' Heli Tataj

Recorded on a Zoom 16 track in West Ealing.

Dog Breath – Fuchsprellen

Performed by Pete Brunelli. Recorded at Rancho Frio by the Sea. Tracked and Mixed by Legion Stadium Hit Squad. Production by Kevin the Squirrel.

The Torture Never Stops – The Vegetarians [video]

Performed by Hans Annellsson with John Tabacco (rap) & Jonathan Mehler (guitar). Produced by Hans Annellsson & John Tabacco.

Stink-Foot – Fred Händl feat. Mark Watson & Craig 'Twister' Steward

Performed by Fred Händl (bass, drums, keys, guitar and vocals), Mark Watson (vocals), Craig 'Twister' Steward (denial). Recorded, mixed and mastered in The Yellow Hippo Studios, October/November 2023.


Cover by ArtForDinosaurs.

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For those who care, the Idiot Bastard and all the artists involved do not make one penny from these CDs. But Cordelia Records think that, after manufacturing costs and mechanical royalties, they might be able to break even. Within twenty or so years.