Frank Zappa FUQ

In 2020, to celebrate 20 years of bringing Zappa news and spoos to the masses, I posted twelve 'for-one-month-only' essays. These provided answers to some of those questions that no one ever asks: about Frank's family, friends and those he worked with; the significant women in his life; the people who photographed him; and other random stuff.

Yes, I gave a dozen FUQs (Frequently Unasked Questions)!

Here are some of those - updated, modified and expanded with a few other articles (including one about Frank's brief stint as a beat poet, plus new ones about Joni Mitchell, Pee-wee Herman, Nervous Norvus and Naploeon Murphy Brock & Nolan Porter) - and a new cover by ArtForDinosairs. All the fun of the fair!

Over 30,000 words in a spiffy little password protected PDF file. Read it on your phone, laptop, Kindle, or print it out and staple it to your neighbour's bird table. Whatever.

For every copy ordered, the Idiot will donate one pound to Prostate Cancer UK.

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