Brenda Starr Light

For the last of the Roxy performances, on 10 December 1973, Frank had audience members Rick and Jane and Carl and Lana come up to dance on stage during Be-Bop Tango (Of The Old Jazzmen's Church).

As the bubble machine was turned on, he additionally brought out:'

  • 'Dunt's ex-wife' (Joan Lou Gatt, the mother of Lala Sloatman, who appears at Frank's feet on the front cover of Roxy & Elsewhere);
  • Carl Franzoni (a part of the Freak scene on Sunset Strip in the mid-60s who provided vocals for Freak Out! and painted the shoes Frank wore at the Roxy); and
  • Brenda who, according to FZ, was "a professional harlot" who had "just got finished stripping for a bunch of guys at Edwards Air Force Base".
Nearly 50 years later, in Joshua Tree on 30 June 2023, Brenda attended a Stinkfoot Orchestra show that featured former Mother Napoleon Murphy Brock as special guest. The band chatted with her (see here) and invited her backstage to meet Napi.
I subsequently spoke with Brenda to find out a little more about her brief time with Frank and the Mothers.
How did you come to appear on stage at the Roxy with Frank - is his description of what you were up to beforehand accurate?
Yes, I did a show at Edwards that night. Then a friend called and asked me to do the show at the Roxy.
Can I ask who that friend was?
Carl Franzoni. He also was in the show.
He sure was! Were you a fan of Frank's music?
Yes - who wasn't a fan of Frank?
Did you have any contact with Frank after the Roxy?
No, not much contact after the show. But he was nice.
What was it like meeting Napoleon again after all these years?
Napoleon was happy to see me, and all the guys gave me a hug. Fun night - the band was great!
I'm sure they were! Thanks for your time, Brenda.
Thanks, Andrew - I'm happy Frank fans can see I am happy and well.

Interview conducted on Tuesday 11th July 2023. Photo of Napoleon Murphy Brock and Brenda Starr Light used with kind permission.