Between 1990 and 2017, I interviewed a number of people who knew FZ – professionally, or otherwise. These included Arthur Barrow, Bruce Bickford, Terry Bozzio, Napoleon Murphy Brock, Pauline Butcher, Warren Cuccurullo, Bob & Thana Harris, Mike Keneally, Martin Lickert, Robert Martin, Kent Nagano, Lisa Popeil, Craig ‘Twister’ Steward, Scott Thunes, The Tornadoes, Chad Wackerman, Denny Walley, Ike Willis, Albert Wing and Bob & Candy Zappa. The full transcripts of all of these interviews can be found in my book Frank Talk: The Inside Stories Of Zappa’s Other People (Wymer, 2017).

Since 2017, I have spoken with Sergio Albonico, Jay Anderson, members of Ensemble Modern, Patrick O’Hearn, Alessandra Izzo, Tony Palmer, Kris Peterson, Karen Sperling and Moon Unit Zappa.

On this page, you can find my interviews with the following (conducted between 1991 and 2024):

Dick Barber

Lady Bianca

Jimmy Carl Black

Lorraine Belcher Chamberlain

Spencer Chrislu

Dr. Dot

Bunk Gardner

Brenda Starr Light

Nigey Lennon

David Logeman

Essra Mohawk

Miss Sparkie Parker

Mark Pinske

Don Preston

Art Tripp

Steve Vai

Mark Volman

Ray White

Ahmet Zappa

Dweezil Zappa

If you don't want to buy my book, or would like to see any of the other interviews mentioned up above, drop me a line and I’ll consider adding them to the site. If not, please enjoy the ones here!

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