FZ88: A Visual Documentary of Zappa’s Final Tour

FZ88 follows in the wake of my highly successful Zappa The Hard Way book, which documented Zappa's last tour in great detail. The only thing it really lacked was a swathe of great photos to accompany the insightful and in-depth story. This title completes the picture in more ways than one, built around the photos of Sergio Albonico, whose pictures were used in the 'Broadway The Hard Way' tour programme, as well as the cover of the Guitar album. Now for the first time ever an extensive selection of Albonico’s photos are published in this book.

My text puts the photos in context, along with an interview with Albonico. The publication is further enhanced by the 1988 interview with Zappa conducted by his former secretary, Pauline Butcher, as well as other previously unpublished photos and memorabilia from the time.

This collection is a visual documentary of Zappa’s last tour and a perfect companion to Zappa The Hard Way. But it also stands alone as a great collection of never before seen photos of Zappa from the rehearsals and concerts of his last world tour.

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