Zappa The Hard Way

In 1988, Frank Zappa toured with a twelve-piece band that had rehearsed for months, learned a repertoire of over 100 songs and played an entirely different set each night. It is why, in Zappa's own words, it was "the best band you never heard in your life" - a reference to West Coast American audiences who never got the chance to see this particular touring ensemble due to the disharmony between Zappa's 'clonemeister' Scott Thunes and nine of the other band members.

Zappa The Hard Way documents that last tour, which deteriorated as the tour progressed through America and on to Europe. If you think touring can be fun, think again! Yes there were groupies and the usual paraphernalia associated with rock 'n' roll, but there was also bitterness and skulduggery on a scale that no one could imagine.

For this book, I interviewed the surviving band members and others associated with the tour to unravel the goings on behind the scenes that drove Zappa to call a halt to proceedings, despite the huge personal financial losses.

With a Foreword by Frank's sister, Candy, and an Afterword by his former secretary, Pauline Butcher.

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