Mappa Zappa

Official Release #7 (2018)

This Zappa-themed album, curated for Cordelia Records by the Idiot Bastard, is a collection of tunes with place names in their titles – as follows:

  1. TRANSYLVANIA BOOGIE by The Todd Grubbs Group
  2. DEAD GIRLS OF LONDON by Gabba Zappa Hey!
  3. WOLF HARBOR by Evil Dick
  4. THE PURPLE LAGOON by Hans Annellsson
  6. LET'S MOVE TO CLEVELAND by Bogus Pomp
    Jimmy Carl Black
  8. PHYNIOX by String Trash
  9. VILLAGE OF THE SUN by Acton Zappa
  10. CUCAMONGA by Spannertate
  11. OUTRAGE AT VALDEZ by Fuchsprellen
  12. BEEN TO KANSAS CITY IN A MINOR by Fred Händl feat. Mark Watson
  13. D.C. BOOGIE by Guranfoe
  14. SAN BER'DINO by Caballero Reynaldo
  15. WHAT'S NEW IN BALTIMORE? by Zappa Early Renaissance Orchestra
    feat. Ike Willis


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Mappa Zappa EP

Official Release #8 (2019)

…and as if that weren’t enough, in time for Zappanale #30, came a special Extended Play disc of even more Zappa place name songs!
    Check this out:

  1. BEEN TO KANSAS CITY IN A MINOR by Fred Händl feat. Mark Watson (previously unreleased expletive-ridden long version)
  2. MONTANA revisited by Zappa Early Renaissance Orchestra feat. Prairie Prince & Sandro Oliva (2019 Karaoke Edition)
  3. AYBE SEA by Caballero Reynaldo (taken from the Cordelia Records album 21 Burnt Weeny Sandwiches)
  4. BOGNOR REGIS by Jerry Outlaw & Friends (taken from the Cordelia Records album Rare Episodes)


Buy a copy from The Idiot Bastard Shop or Bandcamp.


The Zappa Tour Atlas

Both collections were inspired by my dear friend Amaretto Mick Zeuner, who is the mastermind behind The Zappa Tour Atlas (advance copies of which were available at Zappanale in July 2019). The tome is very much a labour of love ("by fans, for fans"), which these CDs happily heralded.

This unique bilateral collaboration provides the most comprehensive listing ever of every concert date and venue – from Osaka to the Albert Hall – revealing the thousands of miles travelled by Frank and his myriad cohorts to a total of twenty countries during more than twenty five years of live performance.

Also included are maps that trace the locations of all of the places the man ever called home, 150 word reviews (no more, no less!) of the first 111 Official Releases by The Idiot, and a foreword by Robert Martin.

Mick's cartographer chum Klaus Kühner provided all of the necessary graphics for the book, while ‘my Cal Schenkel’, Antero Valério, has supplied the artwork for both of the discs.


Buy a copy from The Idiot Bastard Shop.


For those who care, the Idiot Bastard and all the artists involved do not make one penny from these CDs. But Cordelia Records think that, after manufacturing costs and mechanical royalties, they might be able to break even. Within twenty or so years.

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